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Fork lift car owner continues must be effective, potentially strong, and accurate enough to indicate your modern thoughts that get the very sight of your company. Be specific and impressive enough to point out your remarkable credentials, significant success, overall encounter, etc. These are basic and primary factors that can create an interest in the minds of the employer and would persuade them to go through your program. A successful continues program can allow you the best available job opportunity present in the market. Remember to merge your excellent education and export functions that can assist you in being selected for an interview.

Basically, this is quite an experienced career, and applicants should have the fighting functions to endure in this field and bridegroom their prospective buyers. In addition, they are mainly accountable for looking after the servicing of the items delivered, securely transfer large many raw components to the manufacturing features, examine the shipyards, docks, storage space features, manage the necessary operating sites, etc. In other words, these persons are accountable to look after the significant internal and external functions and associated transportation functions.

Individuals who have the capability to bridegroom their career in this industry should develop an impressive program. A perfect continuous program is offered for the place of a forklift car owner.

Roger E. Sears
3142 Zappia Drive,
98th Blvd,
Lexington, KY - 40507
Contact no.: (859) 315-0398

Career Objective:

Aspire to find a job place as a forklift car owner in a fast-paced environment where I can develop my necessary communicational and cultural abilities. Seeking a better chance to perform for an organization and prove a better resource to them.

Career Summary:

Well-experienced and experienced enough to cope with various types of large shipments; five decades of finish information regarding operational functions. Managed types of functions like storage space supply, servicing performance, product places, etc.


    Qualification Program in Factory Management from American College of Education, Il, IL
    Hold Driver Certificate, Class -A, CDL, Certificate No. XXXXX
    4-year college Degree in Transport & Interaction from Dominican republic School, Il, IL in 2001 - Quality B
    Completed Great School from Harrington Community Great School, Il, IL in 1998 with Quality A in Arts

Skills Summary:

    Outstanding written and spoken communicational skills
    Cable, accountable, and hard-working enough to cope with various types of face-lifting operations
    Possess five decades of finish information regarding this profession
    Effective team player and experienced in handling other team members
    Able to cope with multiple purchases effectively and systematically
    Versatile and efficient to do extra time performance with finish performance

Technical and Professional Skills:

    Able to cope with large machineries and other associated technological instruments
    Qualified and experienced enough to cope with the packaging and checking of equipment
    Complete knowing regarding the submission of necessary purchases, handling the vehicle servicing performance, etc.
    Ability to cope with several mature experts in order to take care of the technical issues of the vehicles
    Efficient in solving the issues regarding supply, meet work deadlines, etc.

Work Experience:

Current Employer: Jackson & Reeds Shipyard Organization (2007 - until date)
Designation: Fork lift Driver
Job responsibilities:

    Efficiently served and handled the face-lifting functions and revealed straight to the officer in charge
    Managed appropriate stocks for supply, perfectly determined their expenses or freights, advised submission pickups for safe supply, etc.
    Examined the running and unloading of the asked for items and components, advised clients to gather their purchases, handled the inner-yard provides, etc.
    Sensibly unloaded large offers and raw components from the vendors' warehouse, and maintained appropriate records with their accounts, etc.
    Looked after the overall servicing of the automobiles, reduced the damage of the received supply by operating the face-lifting accessories, etc.

Previous Employer: Brigham & Kids Shipping Development (2006-2007)
Designation: Fork lift Driver
Job responsibilities:

    Assisted the other mature motorists at the docks for securely unloading the delivered items and components, and store them in appropriate areas
    Efficiently maintained the quality of the items delivered for specific customers, skillfully handled the incoming and confident supply of items, etc.
    Performed the important responsibilities that include numbering the products, handling their shipping expenses, looking after their supply, etc.
    Safely and effectively transferred the large offers and sensitive items from one place to another or to their specific storage space houses
    Have helped keeping the submission automobiles, solving the technological issues, manage the warehouse, etc.

Achievements and Awards:

    Accented for securely handling the security and associated technological functions at the pier and warehouses
    Recognized for consistently handling the overall servicing of the submission automobiles, warehouse areas, etc.
    Compensated for putting and holding the items, ensure its proper submission to their centers, maintain the forklift, and associated equipment, etc. in Jackson & Reeds Shipyard Corporation
    Recognized for handling the minimum technological issues, supporting the employees in unloading, keeping the facility area, etc., in Brigham & Kids Shipping Development


Brian Fletcher - Senior Dock Handler
ABC Shipping Group

Answer Berk - Professional Manager
KPM Number of Providers Ltd.

Laurel Stuart - Technical Manager
Daren Number of Shipping Corporation

Mobility and Flexibility:

Willing to transfer anywhere in Florida and Iowa


I hereby announce that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my information.


Roger E. Sears

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